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New Home Build

Hidden Costs of Per Square Metre Pricing

When it comes to pricing up the build cost of a new home, an attractive low price per square metre may seem like a fuss free method of working out your overall cost. However the true cost of building a home is not related to floor area alone, and will vary significantly depending on different aspects…

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Common Roof Styles in New Zealand 

When planning the design and build your dream home, usually kitchens and bathrooms top the list of decision making around how you want them to look and feel. But although not as exciting as interior design, the look and design of your roof should also be a high priority. Considering your roof can make up…

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Should You Build In The Winter?

Being the heat loving creatures we are, its natural to think that all building projects should take place during the warm, sunny months of the year. Its true that there may be some additional hurdles to building in colder, wetter weather but with careful planning and flexibility there is no reason why you should wait…

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Building insurance

These days you can have insurance for anything and everything and it seems to be one of the necessary evils of modern life. But when it comes to a new build or renovation project, one of the necessary costs to include in your budget is construction insurance (also commonly known as contract works insurance). Very…

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