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Project testimonies 

Cambridge Medical Center - major addition

“Cambridge has experienced significant population growth recently and is projected to continue to increase over the coming years.  Cambridge Medical Centre has been directly impacted by this through increasing patient numbers and increased demand on our services.  The existing facilities and rooms had reached capacity which meant that even though we needed to recruit more GP’s and Nurses to meet the demand on services we did not have the room to do so as we had nowhere to put them.”

Josh Jennings and his team at Kit Markin Homes tackled the mammoth task of converting a 1950’s dwelling into the new state of the art facility - all while keeping noise and disruption to a minimum and dealing with the Waikato Winter.

“We worked alongside award-winning architect Max Capocaccia from Mcas Studio to come up with a design that would integrate into the existing medical centre but still carry the aesthetics to blend in. We basically gutted most of the interior walls and exterior claddings and used a range of recycled cladding and new material to reduce our eco-footprint. The Medical Centre needed to continue running as usual, so we focused on precise planning and project management to ensure minimal disruption.”

The new facilities have increased the number of consult rooms across the site, as well as making room for administration staff and a training/meeting room. The extra consult rooms will enable more specialists to visit the medical centre, which in turn means that local people won’t have to travel into Hamilton to be seen for a private referral.

The new facilities have enabled the practice to recruit new clinical staff to the team to meet patient needs.  The team have already welcomed two new Nurses, allowing the medical centre to deliver more services for patients with long-term conditions, such as Diabetes, and also increase the number of Nurse clinics offering services such as immunisations and B4 School checks. Cambridge Medical Centre staff are also thrilled to welcome Dr Judikje Scheffer to the team,  along with a further two GP’s who will be starting in February.  Wendy says these new team members will “bring our team of GP’s to 10 and nurses to 8, allowing us to accept new enrolments with new people moving into the area, enable our existing patients to be seen in a more timely manner and continue to provide acute services.”

Dr David Smylie is delighted with the result, and looks forward to what these new facilities mean for the Cambridge community as a whole.

“It’s a fantastic result, and the new building truly has exceeded expectations. We are delighted to develop the practice and the service to the patients in this way. Josh and the team from Kit Markin have created a very pleasant environment for doctors, nurses, admin staff and patients! We can now expand our services and help our growing community by providing rooms for specialist consultations and other medical services.”

Dr Clare Hamilton is impressed with the build process and the end result.

“The building was very professionally done - it was so quiet that you often weren’t aware that builders were even working! The new premises is quiet and calm, and has a lovely functionality.”

With a young family of his own, local builder Josh of Kit Markin Homes is proud to be creating a lasting impression within his community.

“The new addition was a great investment for the owners, but I feel the local community greatly benefits from services now multiplied to serve this greater community We were just lucky enough to be apart of the process.”

Cambridge Medical Centre is aware that there has been a lack of GP’s in Cambridge as a whole which has affected a patient’s ability to be seen in a timely manner. With these new facilities, new Nurses and new GP’s, they hope to see patients within a timely manner - giving new people moving into Cambridge more choice when it comes to choosing their family doctor and having the capacity to provide urgent care when required.

The Cambridge Medical Centre team are looking forward to welcoming the community into their new facilities.

“We do not like turning people away or sending them to Hamilton because we are fully booked – we hope that the expansion of our services will stop this from happening.  Cambridge Medical Centre has a long history in the community and we are grateful to the many families who have been patients of ours through the years and who have been understanding as we have undergone “growing pains”.  We look forward to many more years serving the people of Cambridge.”

Double storey addition on Cambridge rd (Clark home)

Josh came in as project manager and builder for our renovation and extension project halfway through after an unfortunate and disastrous situation. What shone through for us was Josh's honesty and integrity and listening to what we wanted and working though issues for the best outcome for us. This was in strong contrast to what we had experienced for the past months with the previous project manager and builders. Josh was honest and gave realistic costs and timelines and also honest professional opinions on project matters. The trust that we built with Josh was exceptional thanks to his patience and exceptional listening skills.

The team were approachable and hard-working, considerate to our questions and needs and the outcome was great. They also had a great camaraderie and a sense of humour which is important to us!

The outcome is a large stunning family home with finishing touches Josh and his team have created made it extra special.



Double storey addition (Kairangi)

Kit Markin Homes carried out our new extension with the utmost professionalism under difficult conditions.

We found the building team extremely easy to work with and the results provided us with a beautiful "country apartment " with amazing views.

We highly recommend Josh and the team at Kit-Markin.

David and Lynda Currin