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Josh: What is the main thing to consider when choosing a feature wall to blend in with a living room?

Hollie: Make sure whatever colour or pattern you choose it compliments the rest of the room. Don't put a feature wall in an already over crowded room it can create a sense of chaos. a feature wall should be a highlight it needs room to breath.

Josh: How do you welcome a client's taste into your design?

Hollie: Open questions encourage longer and more details replies, use images showing your client what you want to achieve, be ready with a selection of images that will help your client visualise different ideas.

Josh: How do you get the right mix of different Materials through the living and kitchen spaces are there any particular materials that really go well together?

Hollie: Think about contrasting materials, mixing different textures, laying different surfaces, colours and patterns can give you a unique and bespoke look.

Mixing materials and finishes is a style that is treading right now.
Marble with oak , cedar with plaster , vertical and horizontal cladding together, stone and timber.

Josh: How do you deal with a Client that is determined to choose crazy ranges of materials and over time they might regret it, what would be your approach here?

Hollie: It's important to listen actively, encourage them to use bold colours or patterns on ffurniture, homeware accessories they can easily change further down the track if need be. Most clients will appreciate honesty.

Josh: how important is it to prepare some possible options for a clients new home before that initial consultation.?

Hollie: Building a new home can be exciting, but you should never make assumptions. A long-term client maybe thinking of having a complete change or trying something new in addition to their usual choices. A warm welcome and a detailed consultation is key. This will show new clients that you are professional, able to offer expert advice and keen to understand exactly what they want.

Josh what are some of the current top trends with interior design at the moment with architecture homes?

Keep it simple yet significant.
Less is more.
Natural materials such as wood floors, stones.
Primary colours, bold walls and graphic shapes.
Bringing the outside of nature and exterior cladding inside.
Would and cardboard light fittings.
Stepdown built in tables in kitchens.

Josh: where do you get your inspiration from to keep you sharp and on top of your craft?

Hollie: Magazines: Homestyle, grand designs, Your home and garden Nz and Home, just to name a few.

My all time favourite designers will have to be Kelly Hoppen and the Three birds.